What Are We About?

Our goal is not to sell supplements. Supplements are what we know and do. We have a team of hard-working and dedicated individuals who spend countless hours coaching and role-playing to be able to deliver the best experience possible. They do this through coaching and educating our customers on the key fundamentals behind nutrition and supplementation. The supplements we sell and the guidance we give are just the backbone behind achieving our reason for existence, which is to bring the fractured fitness community that we see today, closer together in the future.


Position Summary

Every team member of Peak Nutrition begins their journey as an in-store sales associate, what we call our Nutritionists. The first two weeks with Peak will be spent going through our onboarding process where we dive deeper into our operating systems, daily tasks, supplement knowledge, and exceptional service knowledge. After 4 months of being with Peak Nutrition, we will pay to have you certified in sports nutrition to maintain a full team of certified nutritionists. We believe that in order for one to lead a team, you must first have experience in each position on the team firsthand. We never hire for leadership positions from outside sources, we always promote from within.


We start everyone out at full-time (40 hours a week) and strictly only hire full-time employees. As a team, it’s only fair that you give your max effort and focus to perform at your best. 



Previous experience is okay, however, we are more concerned with what you can do now than what you have done in the past. We hire based off of 3 main qualities:

  1. Humble - do you have the ability to accept criticism as a tool to improve and not feel the need to be resentful. Also, understanding that you can learn something from everybody and not feel entitled over others regardless of position.

  2. Hungry - do you have the desire to grow, not just personally but professionally as well? We have very bold goals in this team, so we only want others who have the same drive as us.

  3. Smart - Having sensory acuity, being able to engage in comfortable conversation with people. Acknowledging awkward interactions and having the ability to change subject to something more comfortable for the other person. 



All team members begin their career at Peak as Nutritionists with starting pay of $12 hourly + commission. Everyone has an equal opportunity for growth within the company as either becoming manager of a location and leading your own team to work your way to owning your own location.


If you are interested in applying to join our team, please submit the following information below and we will reach out to you to set up an interview!


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